Finally, cancer has something to fear,

thanks to an incredible new technology called CyberKnife®. The world's first and only robotic radiosurgery system, CyberKnife seeks and destroys tumors virtually anywhere in the body, painlessly and without invasive surgery.

It's a game-changer. And only one hospital in the region has it:
the Teaching Hospital.

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Destroying tumors with robotic precision.

CyberKnife targets tumors with
concentrated radiation by painting them
with beams from multiple angles.

Unlike previous technologies, CyberKnife’s radiation source moves on a computer-controlled robotic arm. Guided in real-time by 3-D imaging, CyberKnife always knows the location of the tumor and targets it from multiple positions, effectively painting it with concentrated radiation beams while sparing surrounding tissue.

This makes CyberKnife ideal for complex tumors, ones in difficult locations, and countless other cases, including prostate cancer, kidney tumors, brain tumors and more. It can even provide a viable treatment option in certain cases previously considered inoperable.

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No pain. No discomfort.
No recovery time.

CyberKnife treatment is painless and easy, without burns or discomfort often associated with traditional radiation therapy. There’s no anesthesia, and, for brain tumor patients, no need for stabilizing halos. Simply lie down, relax and breathe normally; CyberKnife’s software and tumor targeting capabilities can correct for breathing and other small movements.

A typical course of therapy consists of one to five outpatient visits, each lasting about an hour. So treatment doesn’t have to disrupt your life. In fact, most patients don’t even need to change out of street clothes for treatment.

Defeating cancer at
the Teaching Hospital

CyberKnife is a powerful tool, but it’s only one of many you’ll find at Erlanger. No other area hospital participates in more cancer research and clinical trials. And Erlanger’s approach is based on bringing a multi-disciplinary team of doctors together to create the right treatment plan for each patient - physicians backed by the full resources of the region’s only Teaching Hospital. These resources include radiation oncology, infusion services (chemotherapy), genetic testing, patient education and patient/family support.

Cancer Hotline: 423-778-5704